Guney Milks Products Healthy. Delicious. Naturel. Fresh. Reliable. On Budget.

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We satisfy consumers’ taste-expectations, with modern technology, quality - price stability, without compromising health and hygiene always be implementors of innovations in the sector.

We are contributing all our products as; Güney, Selin, Albi, Medi, Mido and Leymon, from procurement of raw materials to production, from production to transportation, shipping, marketing. We emphasize the reliability from production to our consumer’s table with our slogan of “Geniune” and we produce our products with the principle of GUNEY is the natural aspect of flavor and health.

Our basic principle is to respect our consumers and environmental health.

Our work is based on criteria that; make up the spirit of facing the direction of health and taste, to produce reliable products and services, and offered to you. As a guarantee of our company, Detecting the consumer with our products within the concept as a Family and in this respect, to serve our consumers. If so;

"Every moment of life, GUNEY is the natural aspect of flavor and health“