Food Safety And Quality Policy

As Güney Süt A.Ş;

  • To produce products in accordance with the conditions of Global Quality and Food Safety Management Systems,
  • To produce reliable products with a sense of responsibility towards our customers, with superior product quality and safety, both in our own branded and customer branded products, in line with consumer and market demands,
  • Identifying and meeting the needs and expectations of all interested parties,
  • To fulfill the applicable conditions (legal conditions, market conditions, product safety management system conditions),
  • To receive the necessary training for the development of food safety culture in our employees, by providing them with both internal and external experts,
  • Developing our suppliers on quality and food safety conditions together with us,
  • To take all measures to prevent all risks (imitation-corruption/sabotage, etc.) that may affect our product safety,
  • Continuing our R&D / P&D studies with the awareness of continuous improvement, producing new products – improving the quality of our existing products,
  • To reduce the consumption of natural resources by ensuring the efficient use of materials in terms of energy, water and waste.
    And we are committed to continuing our activities within the framework of this approach.

Board Of Dırectors

  DOC. NO/ REV. NO: POL001-02            PUBLISH DATE: 04.07.2011               REVISION DATE: 12.12.2022